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Drew Ponce
Drew Ponce

Project - The Dolorosa

My first project I worked on as a freelancer was The Dolorosa site and CMS

This project was my introduction to webflow. After bootcamp I discovered CMS and "no-code" platforms that allowed the ability for less technical users to manage content on a site in an efficient way. Webflow allowed me to get practice on creating custom forms and ways to organize/manage users in a seamless way. I built out customized email automations. Adding new tattoo artists and customized content for each artist allowed a simple workflow and sustainable system for future managers.

Project - Scorpion

Scorpion is my current place of work. Scorpion

Here I manage a wide variety of websites that are built on a proprietary CMS leveraging a .NET Stack. I have really grown in my web development languages, of HTML, CSS, and JS but the systems have really taught me the full stack skills to debug from a nuclear perspective. Getting to the root of things pragmatically is what I enjoy most. I have really learned how powerful SQL and C# are together.