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A Short Exposition of My Journey

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Drew Ponce
Drew Ponce

My journey to becoming a professional tech guru has been marked by luck, willingness, and community - all in the face of deep adversities. 9 years ago I found myself dropping out of university, struggling with alcohol addiction and feeling utterly lost in life. It was a dark and challenging time, one where I felt disconnected from myself and the world around me. I had generations of family that had battled this same unhealthy coping mechanism.

Through Grace, I found redemption and purpose. God's love and guidance became my guiding light, leading me out of the darkness and into a life filled with hope and possibility. As I journeyed this road, which felt like "Snake Way" at times, I discovered an untapped passion for technology. I became a testament of God's humor. An embodiment of someone who couldn't trust his mind into becoming dependent on it.

I love the world, or more accurately put, the ~universe~ of web development. I am both a beginner and a master of technology, consistently humbled by how little I know and honored by the knowledge I possess, enough to be relied upon and entrusted with in finding resolutions.

Always transcendent to the accolades and achievements, is the journey itself. The journey is ever-changing and the gifts God gives on this road are always better than anything I could've came up with on my own. It's taught me the value of perseverance, the importance of faith, and the power of redemption. And as I continue to forge ahead on this remarkable journey, I do so with gratitude, service and humility.

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Vulnerability, Humility, Adversity

Job 9:10